25 August 2015

Duck, Duck, Goose

Yes, L. L. Bean boots are still on backorder! 15,000 pairs! There is a Duck Boot shortage! But this is a lovely photo essay about how the boots are made--still by hand--in Maine.

Image result for the official preppy handbook duck boots

You still have your original pair from 1981, of course.

09 July 2009

dumb white idiots getting high together

Johnnie and I haven't seen NYC Prep yet, but we don't need to remind you that a true prep would never do a reality show.

21 June 2009

Sloane Ranger

The Pimm's Cup is featured in today's New York Times. We like to keep ours simple:

-Mix 1 part Pimm's Cup No. 1 with 2 parts lemonade.
-Stir or shake.
-If you must garnish, use cucumber.

Breakfast at Wimbledon!

07 June 2009

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

This lulled us out of retirement.

23 September 2006

gone borneo

Sad Tipsy in Madras news: in a blaze of gin-and-tonic glory, we’re going out of print.

Stock up now before it’s too late! There are still some copies left on amazon.com and at select Borders stores (last time we checked: Cambridgeside Galleria in Cambridge MA; Wall Street and Kips Bay in Manhattan.)

If you’d like to receive your very own collectible Tipsy in Madras official postcards, drop us an e-mail.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Keep preppy drinking alive!

Mitzy & Johnnie